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E-mail Lists

  • The Odonata-l Archives: E-mail list about odonate biology sponsored by the University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington.
  • Northeast Odonates: A listserve about odonates in northeastern North America.
  • Southeast Odonata: A listserve about odonates in the Southeastern United States.
  • TexOdes: A listserve for Texas and surrounding states, posts of interest to Texan Odistas.
  • Great Lakes Odonata: Listserve for the Great Lakes region, sponsored by the Michigan Odonata Survey.
  • CalOdes: Listserve about California Odonata.

Recent posts from the above and other lists can be found at Birdingonthe.Net and at The Butterfly Digest.


OdonataCentral: Updated North American distribution maps, checklists, photo gallery. Home of the Odonata Survey of Texas and all things odonata! Hosted by the University of Texas at Austin. Hosts official website of the Dragonfly Society of the Americas.

Connecticut Odonate Records: Connecticut county and flight date records.

The Odonata Fauna of Connecticut: David Wagner, Michael Thomas, University of CT. Summary of odonate study, diversity, biogeography, conservation and faunal changes in Connecticut. Live and preserved specimen scans of adults, genitalic plates, scans of gomphid larvae. County and flight records.

NJOdes: Jim Bangma with Allan Barlow. New Jersey Odonata Survey. Includes New Jersey state, county and seasonal data, species accounts andphotographs, listing of NJ species of concern, Bug of the Month, presented usually with a bit of humor.

Odes For Beginners: Sheryl Chacon. A fine introduction to watching and identifying dragonflies and damselflies. Photographs from New Jersey.

Cliff Bernzweig: Photographs from New Jersey and other States. Also other fauna and flora.

The Mulberry Wing: Steve Walter. Field Notes of the New York City and North Jersey Butterfly Clubs and more. Odonate records for New York City and surrounding counties including Long Island. Also butterfly notes, images and records, photographic guide to moths and Moth of the week.

Steve Nanz: Photographs of odonates from New York and other States. Also other invertebrates, birds, reptiles, mammals, and flora.

Dragonfly Eye: Jeremy Martin. A New York dragonfly blog with photographs.

OdeNews: Jackie Sones, Blair Nikula, et al. Newsletter of southern New England. Includes back issues, odonate links, check lists and distribution information for Massachusetts and Cape Cod, bibliography, links to images, many of them the photographs by Blair Nikula. Order information for the recommended publications: Stokes Beginner's Guide to Dragonflies and Damselflies by Blair Nikula and Jackie Sones, and A Field Guide to the Dragonflies and Damselflies of Massachusetts, by Blair Nikula, Jennifer Loose, and Matthew Burne.

Massachusetts Dragonfly and Damselfly Images: Glenn Corbiere. Massachusetts. Several galleries, great shots. Also wildflower and butterfly photographs.

Massachusetts Ode Day: Pictures an odonate event featurning E. O. Wilson and Ernst Mayr, Aug 14, 2004. I got to meet them!

Maine Damselfly and Dragonfly Survey: Maine dragonfly and damselfly checklists, distribution and flight data. MDDS introduction, contacts and publications.

The Odonata of Vermont: Michael Blust, Green Mountain College. Vermont species and distribution lists.

The Boghaunter: Occasional news about the dragonflies and damselflies of Vermont.

New Hampshire Odes: Tom Young: Photographs of New Hampshire dragonflies.

2006 Northeast DSA meeting: Steve Collins. Photographs of odonates from northern New Hampshire.

Ohio Odonata Survey: Ohio Odonata Society. Species distribution maps and flight period data. Photographs by Dave McShaffrey. Commentary and order information for the publications: The Dragonflies and Damselflies of Ohio. 2002. edited by Bob Glotzhober and Dave McShaffrey, and Dragonflies and Damselflies of Northeast Ohio. 2002. by Larry Rosche.

North Coast Odonata: North Coast Odonata Survey. County lists, photo gallery, meetings and programs for northern Ohio.

Bob Moul's photographs: some odonate images from Pennsylvania. Also birds, butterflies and other fauna.

Mango Verde: William Hull. Photographs of odonates from Ohio, and other States.

The Odonata of Maryland and Washington D.C.: Richard Orr. Checklists and photographs from Maryland and Washington DC.

June Tveekrem's Web site: Photographs of odonates from Maryland and Minnesota. Also photographs of birds and bird banding – a different kind of in-the-hand observation.

Odolep.com: Dave Czaplak's photographs from Maryland. Images of dragonflies and damselflies including identification pages on difficult groups. Also images ofbutterflies, moths, and birds.

Visiting Nature: Allen Bryan. Photographs of odonates from Virginia, North Carolina, and Montana. Also birds, butterflies, and other fauna.

Dragonflies and Damselflies of West Virginia: Steven Cresswell's images of West Virginian odonates.

North Carolina Checklist: Jeff Pippen. List of North Carolina anisoptera in PDF form. Odonate photographs from NC, FL and other NA locations.

Josh Rose's Nature Photos and Links: formerly based in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina but now in Texas. Photographs of odonates, birds, reptile, amphibian,other animals and plants.

NC Odonate Website: Harry LeGrand, Tom Howard. A site dedicated to the dragonflies [137 species] and damselflies [54 species] of North Carolina. In addition to species accounts, it includes checklists, county distribution maps, photos, flight graphs, and a searchable database of records.

Tennessee Odonata: Richard Connors. Photographs from Tennessee. Also birds, butterflies and other insects.

Giff Beaton's Web Site: Photographs by Giff Beaton of the odonata of Georgia. Also images of birds, robberflies, beeflies, flowerflies, tiger beetles, and other insects, snakes and other reptiles and amphibians, and other fauna.

Dragonflies of Georgia: Georgia Dragonfly Survey. Lists of species, distribution and flight seasons, fast key to Georgia dragonflies, links to images.

Dragonflies and damselflies of Georgia: Marion Dobbs. Georgia checklist, photographs and maps. Also some images from Mexico.

Marion Dobbs: more odonate images from Georgia, Mexico, and Thailand.

Steve Collins' Photography: Photographs of Florida odonates, other insects and birds.

Maureen Pulignano: Photographic galleries of odonates, birds, butterflies and other fauna from Florida. Also orchids and other Florida flora.

Iowa Odonate Survey: Ann Johnson's fine site includes an introduction with suggested resources, glossary, checklist, distribution information, and images of the odonates of Iowa.

Illinois State Museum: Checklists and status of Illinois odonates. Conservation information on Hine's Emerald (Somatochlora hineana), a dragonfly on the federal endangered species list.

Odonata images: University of Michigan Museum of Zoology. Odonate photographs by various photographers.

Michigan Odonata Survey: Mark O'Brien, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. List of Michigan species, distribution maps, photographs, publications, and other resources.

Williamsonia newsletter: Newsletter of the Michigan Odonate Survey. Back issues in PDF format (for Acrobat reader).

Urban Dragon Hunters: a diary (blog) of the search for Odonata in southeastern Michigan and some other insects in other places.

Michigan Odonotes: occasional blog on Michigan odonates.

Minnesota Odonata Survey Project: Kurt Mead. Website of the Minnesota survey with biology 101, calendar of events and field journal.

WingsofKansas.com: Roy Beckemeyer. The odonata of Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, includes checklists and distribution maps, photographs, scans, and links. Site also has information and images of lepidoptera, diptera, neuroptera, megaloptera and other insects.

David Arbour: Photographs from Arkansas. Also flora, birds and other fauna.

Ouachita National Forest: USDA Forest Service. Gallery of photographs and species list of the Red Slough Management Area in Arkansas. Also photos of other fauna.

Digital Dragonflies: Forrest Mitchell, Texas A&M. Digital Dragonfly Museum including FTP site. High resolution scans of Texas damselflies and dragonflies, photographs from Texas and other states by various photographers..

Odonate Images: Omar Bocanegra. Photographs, checklists of Texas dragonflies and damselflies.

Odonata of the Lower Rio Grande Valley: (Texas) Checklist and links to images.

Greg Lasley Nature Photography: Photos of odonates mostly from Texas. Also Robberflies and other invertebrates, birds, mammals, and herps.

John C. Abbott Nature Photography: Odonate photographs from Texas and beyond. Also birds, mammals, herps, and other invertebrates.

Martin Reid's Site: Photographs of Texas odonates, butterflies, birds.

Dragonflies and Damselflies of Houston, Texas and vicinity: Richard Orr, Bob Honig, and Robert A. Behrstock. Texas. Checklist and links to images and scans.

Chris Merkord: Photographs from Texas. Also butterflies and other fauna.

Lawrence Duhon: Photographs mostly from Texas, also Oregon, Guatemala, West Africa, India, Albania and China. Also other fauna.

gquin: Photographs from southern Texas. Also butterflies and other wildlife.

G & J Strickland: High resolution scans and photographs of odonates from Louisiana and Texas.

Dragonfly Biodiversity: Dennis Paulson, University of Puget Sound. Photographs, high definition scans of western odonates and odonates from other regions. Neotropical specimens, distribution maps, lists for Washington, Idaho, Alaska and other areas, and much more.

Oregon Dragonfly and Damselfly Survey: Steve Valley. Oregon photographs, lists, maps, links and new beginners guide to the odonates of Willamette Valley.

California Dragonflies and Damselflies: Kathy Biggs. Photographs, lists and information about California odonates including sightings, field key; also links and information for the publications: Common Dragonflies of California by Kathy Biggs, Dragonflies and Damselflies of California (a great field guide by Tim Manolis) and the new Common Dragonflies of the Southwest by Kathy Biggs.

Ray Bruun Photography: Great photographs of California odonates.

Black Water Nature Photography: Doug Aguillard. Photographs of California odonates including accounts of past California Ode Blitzes. Also San Diego butterfly and birding information

Don's Odonates: Don Roberson. Photographs and field notes about California odonates.

A California Big Year: Don Roberson. An account of Don's amazing 2007 quest to see and photograph the 113 species on the California State list. He did well.

Eric Preston Photography: odonate photographs from northern California. Plus birds, herps, flora, and other invertebrates.

John Sterling: Photographs from California, also New Jersey, Mexico, and Thailand. Also bird photographs.

Southwest Birders: Henry Detwiler & Bob Miller. A birding and nature tour company specializing in southern California and southern Arizona. Photographs of Southwestern odonates and birds.

Arizona Odonates: Ann Johnson. Photographs, distribution maps, checklists for Arizona.

Dragonflies (Odonata) of the Southwest: Kathy Biggs. Images and distribution maps for Arizona and New Mexico.

A Neotropical Nomad in the Sonoran Desert or Why I Decided to Switch from Tropical to Desert Living. Rosser W. Garrison. The fascinating tale of the discovery of the damselfly Palaemnema domina in Arizona. Part of Backyard Bugwatching from the Sonoran Arthropod Studies Institute.

Arizona Biodiversity: Biology Department at Glendale Community College. Photographs of Arizona odonates, and other fauna.

New Mexico Odonata: The New Mexico Dragonfly Notebook. Lists, links and photographs.

Imunu: Dustin Huntington. Images of New Mexico odonates, with images from south Texas. Also available is the video/DVD Common Dragonflies of New Mexico, a video guide to finding and identification.

Bill Branham photographs: A gallery of the dragonfly Pantala flavescens (Wandering Glider) in flight, including pairs in tandem. Also birds and butterflies.

Digital Atlas of Idaho: Information for Idaho odonates, illustrated with scans by Dennis Paulson. Also information on Idaho geology, archaeology, geography, biology, information and checklists of plants and other animal /insects.

Species List of the Dragonflies and Damselflies of North America. Includes the English (Common) names adopted by the Dragonfly Society of the Americas.

Dragonfly Society of the Americas. Society and membership information. The DSA publishes the journal Argia and the Bulletin of American Odonatology. Membership is open to any person in any country.

Odonata Information Network: The International Odonata Research Institute. Books, supplies, primer on collecting and preserving odonates, lists and other valuable information.

William Haber: Costa Rican Odonates photographs and scans. Also lepidoptera and plants.

Worldwide Dragonfly Association: WDA updates, membership and subscription information for the publications International Journal of Odonatology, Agrion, and Odonatological Abstracts