The Sparkling Jewelwing is the smallest North American jewelwing. It is found at sandy-bottomed streams and small rivers along the Southeastern Coastal Plain..Field identifiable.

Identification: A large metallic green damselfly. Male has clear wings with dark patches at the tip of all four wings. Dark wingtips are equal in length and measure about 1/5th the length of the wing. Wing length 3.5 - 4 x width. The underside of segment 10 is dark.

Similar species: The River Jewelwing (C. aequabilis) has similar wing proportions but is larger; male has larger dark wingtips with hind wing patch usually larger than the fore wing patch. Appalachian and Superb Jewelwings (C angustipennis and amata) have longer, narrower proportioned wings. Male Superb has brown wing tips only on the hindwing. Male Appalachian has clear wings.